Early days but so far very happy!

- Alan Henning
My wife & I took a 2 bed / 2 bath apartment called 'SAGAPONACK' a few weeks ago, we have yet to officially move in but have spent some time there in the weeks since taking occupancy, we have been more than happy so far, staff are friendly & helpful, Eric is the guy we've dealt with the most, always smiling, also Tony the maintenance guy comes across as very approachable, always a good thing if you need something, but all staff are friendly & helpful.

There is still building work going on but not near buildings 1, 2 & 15 where we're based, so it doesn't affect us at all, place is clean & tidy, there's been a few minor issues with the apartment but nothing to lose any sleep over, there will always be teething issues with any new place, it's to be expected.

I'll update this in a month or so after we've officially moved in & spent more time there, here's hoping for some good memories for my wife & I at the Hamptons!